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Ashland Folk Music Club ... (AFMC)
Starting in June 2017 our name change is complete.
We are no longer "AFMC"... now we are:

Southern Oregon Contra Dance ... (SOCD)
  • Our principle endeavor is to provide monthly Contra Dances, usually on third Saturdays, September through May.
    • Occasionally there are departures from this usual schedule, to avoid holiday conflicts.
On Facebook as:  “Southern Oregon Contra Dance

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Current Dance Schedule

Southern Oregon Contra Dance
  • All Contra Dance events are:
    • On a 3rd Saturday, except where noted.
      • 7:00 PM is the Beginner Session
      • 7:30 - 10:30 is the Main Dance
    • Held at: The Grove - Ashland, Oregon
      • (Unless otherwise noted.)
(A Google Calendar is available at the end of this page.)

2019 - 2020  Event Schedule  -  SOCD

2019 - Summer Dance - (Not Scheduled)

  • Neophyte Callers

2019-Sep-21 - #190921

2019-Oct-26 - #191026 ... 4th Saturday

2019-Nov-16 - #191116

2019-Dec-14 - #191214 … 2nd Saturday

2020-Jan-18 - #200118

2020-Feb-22 - #200222 ... 4th Saturday

2020-Mar-21 - #200321

2020-Apr-18 - #200418

2020-May-16 - #200516


We greatly appreciate your continued support of:
Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Dance Details

Join our free "SOContra.org News" Group e-List

  • 7:00 PM - Beginners’ Instruction with the Caller
    • Highly recommended for New Dancers
  • 7:30-10:30 PM - Main Dance
    • There will be a 15 minute break about halfway through the dance.
We have a new "Sliding Scale" admission policy, which has been working very well for us.  The average cost for us to break even is $12 / person.
If you make a comfortable living...
Please give generously to subsidize those who do not.

Payment by check is allowed... Make checks payable to: SOCD

Clean bodies and clothing are encouraged; perfume scents are discouraged.

  • The Grove - Ashland, Oregon
    • 1195 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520
    • Entrance to the Dance is through the doors that face the large parking lot (on the West side of the building).
      • The entrance parking lot is located between the Police, Council, and Courts buildings, and The Grove.

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