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Here are some Regular and Special Events that are in and around the "Southern Oregon Contra Dance" region.

Most Contra Dance Webs, like the ones for Eugene, Corvallis, and Portland (see links below), will publish pages like this one, which will list events of interest in their area.

For what is not listed on this page, you can usually find information by searching the web.  Search a City or Region + “Contra Dance”, and your 1st hit will likely be a dance web for that dance (if there is one).

            Example ... Google: Seattle Contra Dance

Additional Resources


Regular Contra Dances

(Nearby to SW OR)


For other events try the listings at:


Dance Weekends & Special Events

(Nearby to SW OR)

This event list is arranged by their usual dates ... January - December.

The focus of this list is Contra Dance.  Some events include other styles.

For other events try visiting the webs of some of our neighboring Contra Dance organizations (listed above).

Also... You can look through the listings at:

Contra Dance Gypsy ... Someone who travels frequently to Contra Dance Events.

Music Jam Sessions

For more information about these Public Events, as well as some other semi-private Jam Sessions held in the Rogue Valley Region... please feel free to Contact Us.

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