Southern Oregon Contra Dance (SOCD)

Southern Oregon Contra Dance (SOCD) includes and values dancers and guests of all ages, dance experience levels, sexual orientations, gender presentations, ethnicities, and abilities.

We are a consent-based dance community.


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Ashland Folk Music Club ... (AFMC)

Starting in July 2017 our name change is complete.

We are no longer "AFMC"... now we are:

Southern Oregon Contra Dance ... (SOCD)

  • Our principle endeavor is to provide monthly Contra Dances, usually on third Saturdays, September through May.
    • Occasionally there are departures from this usual schedule, to avoid holiday conflicts.

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Current Dance Schedule

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Southern Oregon Contra Dance

  • All Contra Dance events are:
    • On a 3rd Saturday, except where noted.
      • 7:00 PM is the Beginner Session
      • 7:30 - 10:30 is the Main Dance
    • Held at: The Grove - Ashland, Oregon
      • (Unless otherwise noted.)

(A Google Calendar is available at the end of this page.)

2020 - 2021 Event Schedule - SOCD

2020 - Summer Dance - (Not Scheduled)

    • Neophyte Callers

2020-Sep-19 - #200919 ... Cancelled due to COVID-19

2020-Oct-24 - #201024 … (4th Saturday)... Cancelled due to COVID-19

2020-Nov-14 - #201114 … (2nd Saturday)... Cancelled due to COVID-19

2020-Dec-19 - #201219... Cancelled due to COVID-19

2021-Jan-16 - #210116

2021-Feb-20 - #210220

2021-Mar-20 - #210320

2021-Apr-17 - #210417

2021-May-15 - #210515


We greatly appreciate your continued support of:

Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Dance Details

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  • 7:00 PM - Beginners’ Instruction with the Caller
    • Highly recommended for New Dancers
  • 7:30-10:30 PM - Main Dance
    • There will be a 15 minute break about halfway through the dance.


We have a new "Sliding Scale" admission policy, which has been working very well for us. The average cost for us to break even is $12 / person.


If you make a comfortable living...

Please give generously to subsidize those who do not.

Payment by check is allowed... Make checks payable to: SOCD

Clean bodies and clothing are encouraged; perfume scents are discouraged.


  • The Grove - Ashland, Oregon
    • 1195 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520
    • Entrance to the Dance is through the doors that face the large parking lot (on the West side of the building).
      • The entrance parking lot is located between the Police, Council, and Courts buildings, and The Grove.

Photo courtesy Doug Plummer

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