Southern Oregon Contra Dance (SOCD)
Ashland, Oregon - USA

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Please view the current: SOCD Event Health Statement

SOCD has a Contra Dance scheduled for 7p Sat. 20-May-2023.

(See "Dance Details" below for more info.)

Our Google Calendar (below) will list all upcoming events.

Additional Announcements, Dance Details, and other Event information is shared via the SOCD e-News Group & Facebook page.

For Queries & Comments please use our Contact Us page.

Being able to safely host dances, while also meeting the health preferences of all members of our dance community, continues to be at the center of our decision making process.

Feedback is encouraged.

(Filling out the "Online Contact Form" is the best option.)

We also make more detailed announcements through our Newsletter on these matters.

We wish everyone Happiness & Health.  Hope to see you again soon.

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We are first & foremost about Building Community

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Southern Oregon Contra Dance (SOCD) includes and values dancers and guests of all ages, dance experience levels, sexual orientations, gender presentations, ethnicities, and abilities.

We are a consent-based dance community.

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Southern Oregon Contra Dance ... (SOCD)

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Current Dance Schedule

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For now SOCD Events are being scheduled when possible.
Our Google Calendar (below) will list events as they are scheduled.

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Southern Oregon Contra Dance

(See our Google Calendar below.)

Event Schedule - SOCD

Please see the News Announcement at the top of this page.



We greatly appreciate your continued support of:

Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Southern Oregon Contra Dance

Dance Details

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Attendance Notes



Our usual pay scale is as follows:

We have a "Sliding Scale" admission policy, which has been working very well for us.
The average cost for us to break even is $12 / person.


If you make a comfortable living...

Please give generously to subsidize those who do not.

Payment by check is allowed... Make checks payable to: SOCD

Clean bodies and clothing are encouraged; perfume scents are discouraged.



Photo courtesy Doug Plummer

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