Our Core Values

Southern Oregon Contra Dance (SOCD) includes and values dancers and guests of all ages, dance experience levels, sexual orientations, gender presentations, ethnicities, and abilities.

We are a consent-based dance community.

Name Change / NPO Status / Donate

Southern Oregon Contra Dance ... SOCD

In July 2017 the AFMC (Ashland Folk Music Club) completed the transition to a full 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.
Contributions to "SOCD" are now tax deductible!

Make A Donation

With this change in Club Structure, we have decided to stop maintaining our "Membership" process, and will no longer be tracking memberships and the associated discounts.

While the name and club structure may have changed, the people making the events happen have remained the same, and SOCD is still an all volunteer organization.

This section of our web will introduce some of these folks, as well as tell a bit more about our history, and what we do.


We currently have openings for interested Volunteers. This is a great way to get to know your community better, as well as lend additional support to these community events.

Here is a partial list of Volunteer Opportunities available at SOCD:

  • Newsletter - Editor ... (Internet)

    • Marie Finch ... Sep-2018

      • News Posts are made before each dance event, and for other special announcements. Typically less than 12 times per year.

  • Front Desk Help ... (At the Dance) ... View Form

    • During the dance we are always looking for folks to help manage the front desk.

    • Discounts can apply if you work at the dance.

  • Social Media ... (Internet)

    • Facebook - Manager

    • We (the SOCD Board) are always looking for more help here, for Twitter, etc.

  • News Media ... (Local Papers, etc.)

    • Mail Tribune, Sneak Preview, etc.

    • We have someone helping with this, but are seeking additional help here.

  • Hospitality Coordinator

    • Housing offered to travelers.

    • When we get traveling Callers (which is most of them), and traveling bands (3+ times per season), we often offer guest rooms in the homes of our local dance members. Occasionally we will offer hosting for traveling dancers as well. There is an opportunity for someone to be a coordinator for this activity. There are opportunities to be a host as well.

There are openings on the Board too. Please Contact Us for additional information.

Board of Directors

Southern Oregon Contra Dance - SOCD

The Board of Directors is dedicated to building a strong community by hosting and promoting community events. Social Community Dances similar to the ones produced by the SOCD are part of a Popular American Tradition that goes back in North American History for well over a century.

Through these Community Dances the SOCD hopes to provide a fertile environment for folks to meet and have fun. This is a social event, for all ages, but may be too challenging for children under age 9. These events are an excellent opportunity for both single folks and families to get together and have fun, meet other members of the community, as well as provide a way that local Musicians and Callers can carry on this unique American Folk Art Tradition.

SOCD is always eager to hear from folks who would like to help with this effort. If you would like to help strengthen your local community by assisting with the growth of these Community Dance Events, then we would like to discuss with you the opportunities that are available. Just ask one of the members from our Board of Directors.

  • SOCD Board of Directors

    • Elizabeth Flanagan (stepped down Jan-2023 - Position is open)

      • President

    • Beth Marie Spears

      • Vice-President

    • Mark Davis

      • Secretary

      • Sound Technician

    • Gordon Enns

      • Treasurer

      • Membership

      • Hall Booking

      • Insurance

      • Organization Structure Coordinator

        • Club Name Change / NPO Status

    • Steve Tichenor

      • Caller Booking

      • Sound Technician

    • Conrad Gardner ... July-2013

      • Band Booking

      • Web Publishing

      • Technical Administration

      • Sound Technician

    • Lisa Cretney

      • Neophyte Caller Coordinator

    • Teresa Grote ... Oct-2019

      • Member at Large

    • Steve Shapiro ... Jan-2023

      • Member at Large

    • Leda Shapiro ... Jan-2023

      • Member at Large

New Board Members begin serving in July, and serve for one year. SOCD Board Membership is on a volunteer basis, with approval of the current Board.

SOCD Bylaws

View Bylaws in Google Docs

You may view, download, print through the above link.

Sound Engineer

Richard Houston has been our Sound Engineer since June-2013. He brings a remarkable wealth of talent and experience as a recording engineer and studio owner. We feel very fortunate to have him as part of our Southern Oregon Contra Dance events. If you are scheduled to play at one of our events, Richard will contact you prior to your performance date to ensure that everything your band needs will be ready for you.

Events Booking Policy

SOCD typically starts booking Bands & Callers around April.

If you are experienced as a traditional Contra Dance Caller, or playing in a Contra Dance Band, and would like to work with us, please Contact Us.

If you are a new musician to playing for a Contra Dance, before contacting us, please be sure to view: Playing the Music

In the interest of growing our events... We are very supportive (see below) of new Callers & Bands.

Neophyte Callers

Opportunities are available in the SW-OR Rogue Valley Region to learn how to call a Contra Dance. To get more information about contributing to this effort in any way, please Contact Us (by using our web-form), or simply speak to one of the SOCD Board Members the next time you see them.

The SOCD occasionally hosts dances (usually in Summer) where our pool of Neophyte Callers (our developing Caller talent) have an opportunity to call at a regular dance event. (We sometimes have professional callers at these events as well.)

By adding to the local talent available in the Rogue Valley Region, the SOCD hopes to improve the quality and availability of Contra Dance events in our area.

We greatly appreciate your support of Southern Oregon Contra Dance.

Local Musicians

The SOCD is looking into opportunities to expand the number of Musicians and Bands in the Rogue Valley Region, who are interested in playing any of the styles of music that are commonly played at Contra Dances. If you are interested in contributing to this effort in any way, please Contact Us, or speak to one of the SOCD Board Members the next time you see them.

Dance Growth

The SOCD is deeply committed to growing Contra Dance Communities in the Southern Oregon Region. A key part of that growth is education. the information in the following section is an effort to provide folks with some background regarding the origins of Contra Dancing, as well as what makes a dance work well.

Healthy Dance Growth & Development is largely affected by the following:

  • Caller Education

    • Fostering an environment where Callers (and Potential Callers) can practice and learn is a big part of our long-term plan.

  • Musician Education & Band Development

    • Providing Music Resources and opportunities for Musicians to practice playing together is another goal of ours.

  • History of Contra Dance Study

    • Understanding the roots of this unique North American Community Event can help us to gain a better appreciation of this wonderful Folk Tradition.